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Why Trimming And Pruning Are Important For Your Trees

Why Trimming And Pruning Are Important For Your Trees

We all want to have an impressive and clean lawn around our home. Overgrown grass, irregular tree branches and shrubs, and rugged landscape with too much debris make a lawn and property look shabby, murky, and uninviting.

When it comes to property lawn maintenance, tree trimming and management are often overlooked. Regular pruning and trimming of the trees on your property are just as important as other property maintenance services, like grass cutting and roof repair. Proper maintenance of the trees on your property not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the property, but it also improves your health as well. Let’s discuss the major advantages of timely trimming and pruning of trees on your property.

Ensures Safety To You And Your Home

The dead branches of trees can rip apart, fall down, injure people, and damage property. Overgrown branches and an excess of leaves can add pressure to the roots of trees with the added weight and cause the tree to fall down. The trees at the edges of your property can fall onto your neighbours’ lot or the road and cause injury to others or damage their property.

Similarly, overgrown trees often try to develop a strong root system to support the trunk and the branches. If the overgrown trees are close to your home, the growth of root system can cause damages to your property.The best way to avoid these safety issues is regularly trimming the trees on your property and pruning them when required.


Did you know the New South Wales government has set specific guidelines and created codes for lot and garden maintenance? People in New South Wales can plant trees that can grow up to three meters without the permission of the Family and Community Services (FACS) of the state. People should keep their trees under three-metres high by regularly trimming and pruning them.

If you wish to plant a tree that generally grows more than three metres, you have to seek the permission of FACS. It will assess your request based on the type of tree you wish to plant and where you wish to plant it. FACS has the right to accept or reject your request based on its assessment.

Helps You Live A Healthy And Active Life

Did you know that untrimmed and overgrown trees can become a health hazard to humans? If the dead branches of trees are not trimmed on time, it can attract insects and spiders. Some of these insects can be deadly to humans.

Since New South Wales has many deadly insects, like honey bees and the Sydney funnel web spider, you should ensure the dead branches or thickly grown vegetation of your trees do not attract them. The decayed branches of trees have all the ideal conditions for mould to grow. It may also lead to mould growth inside your home during winter and potentially damage your property, and even affect your health.

Tent worms that build their nests on trees can spread diseases and put you in danger. It adds more risk when the trees are close to your home as it can also lead pests inside your house.

By removing excessively grown branches of the trees near your home, you allow more natural light and fresh air access to your home. It means that you ensure better health and energy for you throughout the day at your home.

If you do not have any experience in tree trimming and pruning, you can call local tree removal companies for assistance. They can provide you with the tree trimming service based on the local codes.

Healthy Growth Of Trees

With regular trimming and pruning, you ensure the healthy growth of the trees. While you are removing the dead branches and other parts of a tree, you provide room for it to grow. It means that the branches, leaves, and other parts of trees have more room for to grow with more natural light and fresh air.

It also helps the tree to stop using its resources on the dead parts and start concentrating on the active branches of it. Since the regular trimming of branches and leaves prevents the growth of pests in its parts, trees develop an active and healthier root and shoot system.

Overall, regular trimming of trees helps them to grow stronger and resist plant diseases better with reduced space for pests and insects to grow.

Reduces The Risks Of Fire Hazards

You should note that timely pruning and trimming of the trees in your lot can reduce the risks of a fire hazard as well. Overgrown trees, dead branches, and dry leaves can significantly increase fire hazard threats, especially in the summer season. If a fire occurs on a property with too many dead trees, branches, or leaves, the dead parts can catch fire quickly and will make the fire spread across the property.

Timely pruning of trees and clearing dead branches can save your property from such risks. Even during the rainy season, dead branches can pose a threat, especially when there are storms. They can fall on people and property due to a storm and cause significant damage by injuring people and monetary loss.

You can increase the wind resistance of your trees by regularly trimming them. Trees with dense branches and leaves have to face the full force of storms with reduced space for wind to pass through its branches and leaves. It means that heavy storms may potentially force the tree to fall down. Regularly trimmed trees have less dense branches and leaves that allow storms to pass through it. It means that the trees experience a reduced force of the storm and have a better chance of surviving.

Improves The Aesthetics Of Your Property

Regular trimming and pruning of trees improves the aesthetic appeal of your lawn and your property. While untrimmed leaves and branches give an impression of neglect and reduce the attractiveness of your property, regular trimming increases the aesthetic appeal of your property. People generally consider non-maintenance of the lawn as a sign of mismanagement, and it reflect poorly on the homeowner.

By trimming and removing the excessive shading of trees, you allow more airflow and natural light to soil that allow your shrubs, including flowers, to grow healthily and quickly. Trimming also helps the trees to generate dense, youthful foliage, and that becomes important in making your garden and the lawn look greener. It also helps to advance the natural appeal of your property.

Encourages Fruit and Seed Production

Trimming and pruning help trees to flower and produce fruits and seeds on the branches. Studies have shown that pruning helps trees to form strong flower buds. Pruning fruit trees during summer is highly recommended by the experts as it ensures improved air flow around the fruit. It also ensures quick fruit ripening with fewer chances of fruit diseases.

Removal of dead branches promotes the growth of trees, and it improves the capacity of trees to produce quality fruits. It is particularly applicable when it comes to orange and lemon trees; cultivators that regularly trim their trees will see better fruit production for the next year.

It is recommended to seek the assistance of any local tree service companies if you are not an expert in trimming and pruning trees. Since a professional tree clearing service knows the right trimming pattern for each type of tree to promote growth and use the right equipment, you can ensure effective results through the trimming and pruning process of your trees.

Enhances the Views

In many situations, an overgrown tree on the driveway or standing near your windows blocks the exterior views. The thick branches and excess of leaves could be blocking the views of the main road or a nearby valley.

If trimming and pruning of the trees give you a panoramic view of the outside of your house, you should trim your trees and enjoy the refreshing views that your home offers. It helps you to have a livelier atmosphere at home and fills positive energy in yourself while thinking about your home.

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Regular tree trimming, pruning, and maintenance is an essential service for anyone who loves and cares for their trees, their family members, and themselves. Every time you trim and prune your trees, you create a healthy and refreshing atmosphere for you and your home.

At Valley Tree Services, we offer comprehensive tree clearing services including pruning, trimming, stump grinding, tree transplanting, root barrier installation, and more. We have more than three decades of professional and qualified services with a huge client base, including government bodies, civil contractors, local councils, asset managers, individuals, and more. Our tree inspections are conducted by AQF Certified Level 5 arborists and provide you accurate reports per industrial standards.

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