Mulching Services


If you are looking for the best mulching services, Valley Tree Services has been providing a comprehensive tree mulching service across the mid-North Coast and the North Coast regions of New South Wales. Our mulching services will mulch branches, trees, and remove green waste. Valley Tree Services has a 20-inch wood chipper that can make short work of large branches and large quantities of green waste. If you are looking to get rid of large branches, or are looking for quality mulch, look no further than Valley Tree Services.

We Are Experienced Tree Mulching Contractors

We are tree mulching contractors who understand the need a tree mulching service that is done professionally and appropriately to meet your needs. Our team is suitably trained and have the best equipment to provide services of a high standard.

By using our powerful mulching equipment to break down the materials from our tree pruning and trimming services, we have been able to provide schools, local councils, and landscape yards with fresh forest and aged forest mulch.

The Benefits Of Mulching

Mulch generated from our work on your property can be tipped on site for you to use in your garden or taken away, the choice is yours. Whether it is to retain soil temperature during growing season or to reduce evaporation, mulch will provide many benefits to your garden.

To provide you with the flexibility to choose the quantity to match your needs, we can deliver mulch in truck sizes from 10m³ or 20m³. Our skilled workers are able to assist in both supplying and installing quality woodchip mulch.

Giving Dead Trees Second Lives

At Valley Tree Services we also have a commitment in helping to preserve suitable habitats for local fauna. In addition to our mulching service, we have been working with local councils to use suitable materials identified from our work to create artificial hollows and habitat logs for indigenous wildlife. If a dead tree poses no threat to humans, we can use it to create an ideal habitat for local wildlife. We understand how important it is to preserve our local environment and recognise the intrinsic value a dead tree can have for our native and unique ecosystems.

Need Mulch?

Have you been asking “Where can I find quality mulching services near me?”, then look no further. Valley Tree Services can provide you with mulching services to break down pruning waste and debris from block clearing, as well as the delivery and installation of clean mulch that will meet even the most exacting requirements. We are committed to keeping our mulching service cost down while maintaining the highest of quality in the services we provide to you and helping to preserve our environment.

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